"Breaking Bad" fans weren't the only ones who took to Twitter Sunday night.

Companies and other entities jumped on the #BreakingBad, #GoodbyeBreakingBad, #BreakingBadFinale trending terms, taking advantage of a nationwide obsession to promote their own products and opinions. There's a good reason to jump on the bandwagon: AdAge reports advertisers are paying up to $400,000 for a 30-second spot during the show.

Here are some of the most entertaining attempts at hijacking the "Breaking Bad" phenomenon:

Because you can't watch "Breaking Bad" in your bare feet:

Rock 'Em Apparel
, hello "Heisenbergs". inspired custom socks available now!

You'll need a t-shirt to match those socks:

And of course you'll need to keep clean while watching:

Certainly a beer in hand is necessary to complete your new t-shirt and socks look:

Oh, by the way, apparently all Democrats are total Heisenbergs:

finale starts SO SOON! Check out these 7 Democrats who are from their districts:

Of course, so are all Republicans:

The Democrats
ends tonight, but if you like watching things spiral out of control, we've still got the .

You could probably go for a burger after buying clothes and drinking beers and cleaning and hating politicians while watching your favorite TV show:

They should have smoothed things over with Whataburger

Ah yes. And apparently you also need a gun:

Ann Coulter
shows the importance of having a gun in the home.

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