09/30/2013 01:15 pm ET | Updated Sep 30, 2013

Justin Timberlake's Best New Track, Easy Nail Art, And More Things We're Living For This Week (Sept. 30-Oct. 6)

It's the top of the week, and if you're like us, a little Monday motivation is in order. Here are five things the editors of HuffPost Black Voices are turning to for inspiration, help, and downtime in the days to come.

  • 1 Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson, Lifestyle Editor
    There seems to be more talk than ever these days about how to unplug from the Internet and recharge, and while I weigh the most realistic move into a full-out detox, I'm sticking to baby steps. To start, I'll be going back to the days when Lisa Frank stationery stood in for my laptop and handwritten letters to friends were a preferred method of keeping in touch. A new app I discovered called Felt, which combines digital communication with all the charm of a handwritten note is just the thing to help me get back to my roots. You pick a card, write a note with your finger or stylus and Felt will send your affects off in the mail. Love! Check out a cute video on how it works here.
  • 2 Rhonesha Byng, Editorial Fellow
    Rhonesha Byng
    I got hooked into this concept when Minx nails became popular. When I saw these packs being sold in local drug stores I was a bit skeptical about the quality. But I love them now after trying them! I'm not a manicure girl, because my nails chip after two days, so this is the perfect solution for me. Several brands like Sally Hansen and Essie make them, but the ones I love (and pictured here) are by Maybelline.
  • 3 Jermaine Spradley, Multicultural Editor
    Last week, the resident king of blue-eyed soul dropped the much anticipated second half of his 20/20 Experience album. Most of the songs on sound like joints that should have ended up on the edit room floor instead of bundled in a new album. One of the only exceptions is the above, "You Got It On." A hidden gem amongst a whole lot of filler, the song is well written with lyrics that fit perfectly in its midtempo groove. Can't say the whole album is dope, but this song, at least, is a winner.
  • 4 Danielle Cadet, Editor
    Sperry Top Sider
    There's nothing like a good pair of rain boots to help you stay both dry and chic on a wet day. These Sperry Top Sider rain boots are perfect for just that. They also have a flannel lining to keep your toes nice and warm, and can be worn in both rain and snow -- perfect purchase for the upcoming cold months!
  • 5 Brennan Williams, Pop Culture Editor
    Blue Apron
    Maintaining a healthy diet during the week can be a bit troublesome when working late hours. Thankfully Blue Apron was created to eliminate the task of ordering take out. For just $9.99 a meal, each subscription includes raw ingredients and step-by-step recipes shipped to your home for a gourmet meal that will rival your favorite five star restaurant. Fellas, if you're trying to score a few points in the culinary department consider this option as the key to unlocking your mate's heart.
  • 6 Julee Wilson, Style & Beauty Editor
    My natural hair can be quite a handful, which means it takes a special arsenal of products to tame these tresses. One of the newest additions to my lineup is called Boing by Oyin Handmade. The lightweight cream provides moisture and definition to my curls and keeps them bouncing all day long. Plus I love a company with a sense of humor -- check out the silly infomercial for Boing in the video above!