Whether it was being too afraid to ask your crush to homecoming or that geometry test that you bombed because you binged-watched "Teen Wolf" the night before, at some point during your high school years, you probably wish you could go back and press "rewind."

Turns out, the users of Reddit can relate. They recently took to the social site where they shared their high school experiences, words of wisdom and what they would have done differently.

Scroll down below to read not only their wish list of things they would do if they could go back in time, but also the lessons they learned. Head over to Reddit for the full chain of responses and tweet us your high school "redo" at @HuffPostTeen!

  • I would have been more comfortable doing things by myself. I feel like I missed out on doing/seeing a lot because I didn't have like minded friends when I was in high school. I was always too self conscious to go and try new things without someone else with me. – sciamoscia
  • Not wasted my time going after the wrong girl. If you flip a coin and hope for one answer, there's no need to flip the coin. – seanowenss
  • Befriend the office and janitorial staff. I learned this near the end of my senior year. They can get you into or out of anything. – rubicon399
  • I wouldn't be the "hat guy." There's one in every school. – BreadFlanders
  • Talk to more people sooner. I had a few friends freshman/sophomore year but I didn't really start to expand my social group until my junior year. If I had focused on that I think I would've been happier earlier on and my grades probably would've been better too. – toxicbox
  • Probably join clubs and actually try to make a variety of close friends instead of sticking to my one group that i wasn't all that happy with. – risforrach
  • Hung out more with the 'smart' kids. I ditched a lot of them in favor of hanging out with the goth and drop out kids....still did well in school, but I wish I had made better choices with my social group. – KatyATL
  • Be nicer to the teachers. – thats_pretty_cool
  • Pay attention. – homerj123
  • I would have had more fun being a high schooler. Going to more football games, hanging out with people more often and with more people outside of class. Actually talking to others during class so I didn't feel alone most of the time. I wish I'd have gotten the stick out of my butt before second semester senior year so I could've partied a little bit. Basically I wish I had made more memories and spent more time with classmates when I had little responsibility. – mollypaget
  • To not be so ruled by others' opinions of me (or what I thought their opinions of me were. Lo these LONG years later, those people and their viewpoints matter exactly ZERO in my life. I gave them SO much power over me in high school. – Joy416
  • Not spend it getting "serious" with girls. So much time wasted. – bleedsgreen33
  • See what would happen if I forced myself to be more of an extrovert. – Envity
  • Quit caring and over thinking the outcomes. You like someone, just ask them out. Quit focusing on the idea that we have to be so nervous about it. Also, we're all overly critical of ourselves because we spend 24/7 with ourselves. Keep in mind that the person you're asking out probably doesn't even notice your personal flaws that have you all flustered. – My_New_Ego
  • If I could do it all over again the only thing I would change would be to enjoy High School a little more. I don't know about you guys but after high school is just work and school. Some people get the chance to enjoy college but unfortunately I'm not one of those people and I have to work for all my junk... If I had a better concept of time maybe I would've use my time more wisely instead of the random stuff... – Zerodude17
  • I would have gotten all A's, because that stuff was incredibly easy. With that maybe I would have gotten a scholarship. I also would have been more active in sports, I'll never be in that kind of shape again. – aggierogue3
  • My homework... I would have actually done it. – Kimbolimbo
  • Take woodshop! I love woodworking now, but I was too busy thinking woodshop was for jocks. – Emil_Greer
  • Ask a lot more girls out. It is surprising how many, after many years, tell me they wanted to date me, but were too shy to let it be known. I guess I would have been successful. But more than that, it would have been good to experience dating many girls to understand the variety of relationships. Instead, I was looking for that "1-true-love", which honestly doesn't happen that often in high school, especially when you are looking for it. – astroprof
  • Invest in apple stock. – ThePhuture

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