Pomegranate Recipes That Make Us Glad It's Not A 'Forbidden Fruit' (PHOTOS)

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We can't think of a crazier thing to call a pomegranate than a "forbidden fruit." Although it's been speculated that the pomegranate may have been the forbidden fruit referenced in the story of the Garden of Eden, we can say for certain that if pomegranates were actually forbidden, the world would be a far less delicious place. Although Persian cuisine and neighboring food cultures have long embraced the pomegranate's uniquely sweet-tart flavor, we're just now getting acclimated to how to use this delicious fruit in our own cooking.

Pomegranate arils (the seeds) are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and polyphenols, just in case you need another reason to pry them out of their shells besides their incredible flavor and gorgeous appearance. De-seeding a pomegranate really isn't as tough as it sounds. In fact, Sommer Collier over at A Spicy Perspective has a quick tutorial on how to deal with a pomegranate that you should absolutely check out, if you've never done it before. Just in case you've never cracked open a pomegranate of your own, check out how gorgeous they are on the inside.

pomegranate recipes

Hungry yet? We've got some more inspiration in the slideshow below, all highlighting the incredible versatility of this beautiful fruit. From breakfast to cocktails and dinner to dessert, either pomegranate arils or pomegranate juice make an amazing addition of acidity, sweetness and color. We're off to crack a few open now.

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Pomegranate Recipes
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