10/02/2013 01:01 pm ET

WATCH: GPS Gets Elderly Couple Stuck In Mud For 2 Days

An elderly California couple thought they might be going the wrong way when their six-month-old GPS system directed them towards a back road in Oregon.

The couple, Charles and Doris Garton, should have followed their instincts.

The pair ended up stranded inside their 23-foot motor home on Saturday evening, stuck behind fallen trees on the remains of a logging road, after they followed the route selected by their GPS unit. Sheriff's deputies first made contact with Charles Garton, 73, around 11 a.m. Sunday morning, but were unable to free the RV. A towing company also responded, but was unsuccessful.

Finally a search and rescue team arrived on the scene Monday at around 1:30 p.m.

Search and rescue member Jerry Applegarth told that the team found the couple in a tough spot.

“We used chain saws to get in to them and yet they drove their motor home down in there,” he said, adding that the couple had no way to turn the RV around. “It was a mess.”

But he noted that the two were both in good spirits, enjoying tuna fish sandwiches.

The Gartons had been traveling from their home in Ridgecrest, California to an RV rally in Oregon when they became stuck.

Doris Garton told CBS Los Angeles that “it was nice to sleep in absolute darkness; no street lights. And the bears didn’t come to visit. And no deer came peering in the window."

Certainly this story isn't the first to involve a GPS gone wrong. And many drivers have reported feeling too reliant on their GPS devices.