10/02/2013 03:25 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2013

7 Ceilings That Aren't Nearly As Terrifying As The Debt Ceiling

Sure, the government shutdown is a total political calamity. However, a more grievous threat hangs over the economy. There's a chance that Congress won't raise the so-called debt ceiling, leaving the U.S. government unable to borrow more money to pay its bills. Such an action would be unprecedented and no one quite knows what would happen. Many warn that such a default would spark some pretty horrendous economic consequences and possibly a global financial meltdown.

Scary stuff. These ceilings kinda pale in comparison.

The ceiling from 'Breaking Bad.'

The ceiling at Union Station in Washington D.C. after an earthquake.

cracked ceiling

This ceiling with a cat falling out of it.

This shark-tank ceiling.

The glass ceiling.

glass ceiling

This cave ceiling.

bats on ceiling

Ceiling cat.