10/02/2013 11:29 am ET

Man Tweets A Beautiful Eulogy For His Mother

Spencer Ackerman, Twitter

Sometimes, just sometimes, social media can truly help you connect with the world, instead of taking you out of it.

When Guardian editor Spencer Ackerman's mother passed away last Thursday, he tweeted a sort of eulogy for her to his 40,000 followers. The result was a collection of deeply personal stories, giving insight into the life of a special person and obsessive Yankees fan.

Ackerman's followers responded positively to his including them in his grief. “It was just a really nice moment and I really appreciate everyone who read the account of her life and decided not to criticize me,” Ackerman told Wired. “That was very nice of people and I appreciated it.”

You can read all of Ackerman's tweets on his Twitter feed, but here are a few:

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