10/02/2013 04:45 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

'Vega V. Vega' Legal Drama Is Eva Longoria's Next Project As Producer

Los Angeles (EFE).- Actress and businesswoman Eva Longoria sold a new television-series project to the NBC network that is all about the relationship of a mother and daughter, both attorneys, who suddenly find themselves forced to work together, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The program entitled "Vega v. Vega" is the third that UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, the production company of the "Desperate Housewives" star, has succeeded in selling during this development season.

The new drama, which was considered by The CW channel in 2011 but went no further on that outlet, will have Laurie Silverstein as screenwriter.

Before "Vega v. Vega," Longoria got ABC interested in developing "Trust," the American adaptation of the Colombian telenovela "Pura Sangre," and sold a comedy inspired by a real-life sex therapist to NBC.

This year Longoria produced the series about four ambitious Latino housekeepers in Beverly Hills, "Devious Maids," together with the creator of "Desperate Housewives," Marc Cherry.


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