10/03/2013 01:09 pm ET

This Is What Black Twitter Would Be Like In Real Life (VIDEO)

If anyone could bring a version of Black Twitter to life in video form it would be Issa Rae, the wildly successful content creator behind "Awkward Black Girl" who recently inked a deal with HBO.

In her latest mini sketch to hit the web, Rae answers the question: 'What if Black Twitter was a party?'

We all know the characters on Black Twitter that are always popping up. Like the girl who knew about everything before everyone else knew about it, or the one who is always preaching about politics, and the one who just doesn't quite get Twitter. Oh, and how can we forget the #teamfollowback guy who always somehow finds his way into your mentions. Issa Rae brings all of these folks to life, and the result is nothing less than hilarious.

Watch the video and see if you recognize any of the characters from your timeline.

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