10/03/2013 05:35 am ET

'Ironside' Premiere: Blair Underwood Leads This Boring Reboot Of A Crime Classic (VIDEO)

The original "Ironside" was a classic procedural that starred Raymond Burr and ran from 1967 to 1975. It ran eight seasons and nearly 200 episodes, but Blair Underwood is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to replicate that success. Burr even earned six Emmy nominations for his work.

This time, it's Underwood who's taking on the role of Robert Ironside, a veteran detective who was paralyzed on the job. As he's quick to point out, working from a wheelchair gives him a unique perspective on the job. Whereas he used to tackle his cases using his physical prowess -- which is still featured heavily in various flashback sequences -- now he has to use his mind. That said, he still gets pretty physical, albeit in different ways. It's a far more aggressive approach to the character than what Burr did.

Underwood is a captivating talent, but E! Online's Noel Kirkpatrick wasn't feeling this take on the classic show. "It's hard to even understand why NBC would reboot this show in the first place," he wrote. "Besides the fact that the main character is in a wheelchair, there is nothing very special about Ironside; it's another cop show in a sea of cop shows that are doing more interesting things.”'s Noel Kirkpatrick agreed. He described this reboot as "skippable," "boring," "routine," "derivative," and just plain "lazy." In other words, if you watched it, we're sorry. If you didn't, you're better off.

If you're on board, though, "Ironside" continues on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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