10/03/2013 07:41 am ET

7 Breathtaking Sunsets From Around The World (NEW BOOK)

Robbie George

As winter approaches, days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. Don't let the lack of daylight be merely a bane of your productivity; Instead, think of it as an opportunity to see the world in a different light (literally!). And what better way to do so then by observing a sunset? No matter where you live, the view of the sun sinking below the horizon is an incredible event.

In honor of sunsets (and sunrises), National Geographic released "Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light," [National Geographic, $40.00] a compilation of the most stunning, vibrant images it has published.

Take a look at a handful of gorgeous sunsets from around the world below:

sunset photo 1

sunset photo 2

sunset photo 3

See the rest of the gorgeous sunset photos below:

Sunsets From Around The World

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