10/05/2013 09:47 am ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

Angela Goodwin Has Two Anteaters For Pets

Angela Goodwin is not bugged by insects in her Oakridge, Oregon home -- thanks to two anteaters she keeps as pets.

Goodwin, 37, got her first anteater, Pua, back in 2006 and added a second, Aurora, two years ago.

The bug-craving duo spend their days sleeping in her washing machine and nights searching the house for ants -- and anything else that catches their fancy.

"I have to keep everything locked and bolted when they are not being supervised just to prevent problems," Goodwin said, according to the Daily Mail. "They can't be taught as easily as a dog but they will learn to do things if there's something in it for them."

Goodwin became interested in anteaters after seeing one on Animal Planet, and started doing online research on the critters.

But some things about anteaters can only be learned by actual experience: like their lack of personal hygiene and bad habit of clawing furniture.

"When I first got Pua it was kind of like having a little alien in the house," Goodwin told the Seattle Times. "But for me, I think it's worth it because I get a lot back from them. They're very loving."

The anteaters had to get used to Goodwin as well -- mainly her taste in fashion.

"I started putting little sweaters on Pua and she didn't seem to mind so now she's got a whole wardrobe of clothes," she told the Telegraph.

Goodwin is definitely an anteater fan, but she has some warnings for people who might want to adopt one.

“They can be trained to pee on a mat, but their pee smells skunk-like and they can also release a terrible odor when scared," she said, according to “They also tend to dribble pee a bit. Kind of like having a giant rat. They can’t help that.”


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