10/04/2013 09:17 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2013

Hand Pies Are The Cutest Dessert Of All Time (PHOTOS)

Whether it be apple pies, frozen pies, or even tiny hipster pies, there are few desserts we love more than we love pie. But you know what's even better than pie? Hand pies.

Okay, we know, that's kind of cheating because it is still technically pie. But these handheld desserts deserve a category all their own -- seriously, what could possible be better than an entire dessert that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand? They're just as versatile as traditional pies, but without the unfortunate consequence of having to share.

If you're not already convinced of how much better hand pies are than regular pies, we're pretty sure these 10 recipes will completely win you over:

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