10/04/2013 09:16 am ET | Updated Oct 02, 2015

The Craziest Taco Recipes, Just For National Taco Day

Pass The Sushi

Happy National Taco Day, everyone. While we would usually just remind you how many delicious, authentic, fresh taco recipes there are under the sun, today we're feeling a little weirder. Today, we wanted to share the craziest tacos we could find on the internet with you.

You've likely seen one or two of these before, but when you stack them all on top of each other, you really get a sense of just how willing we all are to ingest 2,000 calories at a time. For Taco Day. From the legendary bacon-weave taco, to one of our nostalgic favorites, the Choco Taco, we've really managed to do some things to the taco that are probably making its taco ancestors roll in their graves. Whether you're sticking with carne asada tacos, venturing into tacos al pastor or actually attempting one of the maniacal gut-bombs below, we wish you a happy Taco Day. Now, before we get into crazy taco recipes, a word of sage wisdom:

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