10/07/2013 12:11 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2013

Connie Britton's Hair Secrets Revealed! (VIDEO)

When your hair has its own Twitter account, you've got to be doing something right. Thankfully, we convinced Connie Britton to tell us how she maintains her famous mane.

The "Nashville" actress joked to HuffPost Live that she bathes her hair in gold every night -- but in reality, Britton's technique is far simpler.

"I don't do very much, actually," Connie confessed. "I don't wash my hair a lot, because the natural oils just make it shiny."

"It's very easy to manage," she promises. Watch the clip above to derive more of Connie's low-maintenance haircare wisdom and drool over the photos below!



Connie's got great clothes, too:

Connie Brittons Style Evolution

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