Dress Socks: The One Item You Need This Fall That You Probably Don't Have

10/07/2013 05:01 pm ET

Dress socks have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to fall shopping. Between our race to track down that perfect tweed coat and our excitement to finally try on those thigh-high leather boots, it's easy to forget about our feet and ankles' secret sartorial weapon.

But we here at HuffPost Style know that no fall wardrobe is complete without a few eye-catching pairs of dress socks, trouser socks and the like. Here's why:

They add some texture and color to an otherwise boring fall outfit.
Sick of all the dark neutrals and heavy fabrics? Lighten up with a pair of printed dress socks. Whether they're peeking out through a pair of ankle-length pants or bunched over a pair of ankle boots and tights, adding floral, argyle, striped or otherwise printed socks can add another dimension to your ensemble. A fun solid pair can do the trick, too.


They make those painful boots more comfortable.
If you're like us, fall's the time to break in your new leather boots. Dress socks can do double-duty by adding some much-needed cushioning in addition to that hint of color. Make sure you own some ankle length, knee-high and thigh-high pairs -- hey, why not? -- to accommodate your various kicks.


They keep your poor little ankles warm.
We're all about the trousers when it comes to fall dressing, but how do you beat the chilly weather without sacrificing style? Trouser socks. Nobody wants to see a pair of gubby white gym socks when your pants ride up, so use this opportunity to add a style element when filling your practical need. Pro tip: Thick, wool socks can completely change the mood of an outfit. Not so brave? Opt for a dark solid pair with subtle texture.


Now go forth and shop:

The One Item You Need This Fall: Dress Socks

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