10/07/2013 12:32 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Morgan Reynolds Channels Barbra Streisand To Get Over Ex-Boyfriend

We all deal with break-ups differently.

Some of us prefer to make a dramatic announcement via social media, while others decide that a split is the perfect time to completely re-think their identity and life choices. However, actor Morgan Reynolds knew there was really only one solution to getting over his ex: creating a tribute video for the one and only Barbra Streisand.

The video's accompanying tagline reads:

After a sudden and disappointing end to my multiyear relationship, I found myself asking, "What would Barbra do?" With no budget and only the same suit, suitcase, and torch song blaring in my mind, I traveled to 20 locations in five countries and fought off tourists, pigeons, and a broken heart the only way I know how: the Streisand Way.

Check out Reynold's video above -- what do you think about this creative way to channel your emotions following a break-up?


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