10/07/2013 11:56 am ET

Worried Hairstylist Helps Save Woman's Life After Missed Appointment

Good hairstylists not only know all the latest styling trends and techniques -- they also really know their clients. And that's why hairstylist Lisa Buswell, who owns Boston Hair Salon in Marblehead, Mass., knew something was terribly wrong when her 82-year-old customer failed to show up for her regular weekly appointment.

Buswell has been styling the woman's hair at the same time -- 3 p.m. -- every week for the last seven years. She was almost always on time and good about telling Buswell when she'd be out of town.

After Buswell called her customer's house and got no answer, she grew so concerned she asked a former neighbor of the woman, Wilbur Bassett Jr., to go by and see if the woman's car was in the driveway. When he told her it was, Buswell told him he needed to get inside.

Bassett, who found the kitchen door unlocked, walked in and yelled out for the woman. She quickly yelled back that she was at the bottom of the stairway. She had fallen down the stairs the day before and had been laying there for 29 hours with a fractured leg and hip and broken ribs. Bassett immediately called 911.

"She was in pretty bad shape," Buswell, 42, told The Register-Herald.

"I knew she didn't have any kids to check up on her, and she is alone," Buswell said. "She is 82 years old; anything can happen."

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