Russian Wedding Brawl Breaks Out In Moscow (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

10/07/2013 02:32 pm ET

Instead of rice, these wedding guests threw punches.

A vicious fight broke out during a wedding in Zelenograd, Russia this weekend, according to Russia's Life News.

As can be seen in the video above, the fight starts when one of the guests comes up behind another and wraps his arm around his neck. The two exchange punches, but the whole spectacle isn't enough to make one woman stop smoking her cigarette or get up from her chair.

The man who was initially attacked suffered stab wounds and had to be taken to the hospital, Life News reports.

Some light Googling reveals there are tons of fights at Russian weddings.

See here here and here for examples.

Roughly half of all Russian weddings end in violence (EDITOR'S NOTE: That is a totally made up stat).

But regardless, the filmed results of the blessed gatherings that do culminate in fisticuffs are intense.

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