10/08/2013 09:26 am ET

Michelle Peluso, CEO Of Gilt Groupe, Shares Advice For Her Younger Self

Michelle Peluso knows what it means to climb the ranks in the business world as a young woman -- and just how challenging it can be. However, the Gilt Groupe CEO and former Travelocity CEO still thinks it's "a fabulous time to be a woman in business."

"I think it's fine to be underestimated a bit," she told The Atlantic. "There's something, to me, that's liberating about that [and] energizing."

Peluso, who first founded a nonprofit at the tender age of 15, had some solid advice for her 20-something self:

I was probably much more insecure in many ways when I was younger. I just sort of relied on the opinion of others, just thought about that so much more. It's that tender balancing act between knowing who you are and being grounded in who you are, and being open to other people's opinions and thoughts, cause that's really critical, but making sure you have a strong sense of self and have confidence about who you are.

Wise words. Plus, we trust a lady who can definitively tell women everywhere: "Don't wear shoulder pads. They don't look good on anybody."


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