10/08/2013 07:25 pm ET

Police 'Ticket' Girl's Barbie Jeep After She Left It Out All Night

Throw out the old "good cop, bad cop" routine. With this story, it's pretty much all good cop. Unless, that is, you're 7-year-old Autumn, whose bright pink Barbie Jeep was left outside all night and attracted the attention of the long arm of the law.

KUTV reports that police officers in American Fork, Utah, slapped an "abandoned vehicle" tag on the battery-powered toy car last week after they came across it in the road near the family's house.

"I think I left it on the sidewalk," Autumn recalled to the station. Her 9-year-old sister (and accomplice) added, "It's running out of batteries."

Lt. Sam Liddiard told the Salt Lake Tribune that the officer pushed the offending ride into the family's driveway and affixed the bright orange form as a joke.

UPI reports the girls' parents used the incident as a lesson in the importance of putting away toys after playtime.