'Pulling Strings' Is Box Office Hit As Limited Release Indie Film

10/08/2013 10:07 am ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

By Michael Lopez


It looks like Pantelion Studios is now two-for-two, with their second bilingual hit of the year. Pulling Strings pulled in some impressive box office numbers over the weekend, much like the company’s earlier release, Instructions Not Included.

The Jaime Camil rom com scored $2.5 million across just 387 screens. Numbers-wise, that’s an incredible average, on par with the top 5 movies of the week.

The flick also picked up some major love from the critics, earning an A+ on Cinemascore. With stats like that, let’s hope Pantelion’s execs push for a Pulling Strings Part 2!

And interestingly enough, this weekend’s box office champ also had a nice Latino touch. Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity scored first place, with a record $55 million earned within the past three days.

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