10/09/2013 07:56 am ET

Idiot-Proof Recipes For Even The Worst Cook (PHOTOS)

We get it -- not everyone can be a trained chef capable of whipping up the world's most difficult recipes. In fact, some of you might find yourselves struggling to cook even some of the more basic dishes -- and we know consistently burning pasta, overcooking chicken, or leaving the paper attached to your burgers can make you feel more than a bit defeated in the kitchen.

For these times, we present 16 recipes that we've deemed virtually impossible to mess up (unless you don't know how to work a toaster or turn on your oven ... then we're not sure we can help you). Each of these recipes takes little prep, few ingredients, and is quick enough to throw together after a long day. The next time you're feeling totally incapable of making good food, turn to these dishes.

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