10/09/2013 01:38 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2013

13 Outfit Offenders You Should Never Date

You may not care -- or even notice -- your partner's choice in clothes. But for those of us who do, there are some very red flags to watch out for, sartorial signs of trouble on the horizon. Whether it's lack of attention to detail or an obliviousness to his surroundings, there are troubling traits that may be detectable than you think.*

As they say, the clothes make the man. Below, 13 guys you probably should not date.

1. The guy with the deep V-neck tee.

deep vneck

This guy thinks he's awesome. You will likely beg to differ.

2. The guy who hasn't discovered slim-cut pants yet.

baggy pants

This guy is endearingly oblivious, the one whose head was stuck in the clouds (or glued to ESPN) while the rest of the male population grew up and discovered their billowing teenage pants were woefully unflattering. He'll need someone to snap him out of his clueless state.

3. The guy who wears white socks with black shoes.

white socks

Poor thing. This dude never graduated from his boy tube socks to grown-up trouser socks. He may be sweet, but also a tad immature and unworldly. Someone's still got some growing up to do.

4. The guy who thinks nylon drawstring backpacks are acceptable bags.

drawstring backpack

This guy clearly doesn't operate in professional surroundings very often. Does he even have a job?

5. The guy who wears basketball shorts when not playing basketball.

basketball shorts

This man is the lazy one who didn't bother fully changing his clothes after waking up or after hitting the gym.

6. The guy wearing Ed Hardy.

ed hardy shirts

This guy has trouble sensing when something is, like, totally over. We'd imagine this bodes just as badly in the closet as it does in the relationship.

7. The guy who tucks his polo shirt into his khakis.

polo shirts tucked in

Geeky can be cute, but this dude just has zero sense of cool. This one's probably a fixer-upper.

8. The guy with the white t-shirt poking out of his button-down shirt.

white shirt

What this man has in good sense (tees do prevent sweat-throughs), he lacks in savvy. He just hasn't quite figured out the key to a seamless, grown-up look.

9. The guys who wears Adidas rubber sandals with socks.

guys you shouldnt date

This guy is still clinging to his college days and still thinks he lives in a frat house. Oh, and you can't take him anywhere.

10. The guy who wears sports jerseys outside sporting events.


Sports are great, but this boy's got his priorities out of whack. No team is so important the name must be emblazoned across his chest at all times.

11. The guy with mismatched socks.


Dude's a space cadet. No girl wants to be with that.

12. The guy whose necklace gets tangled in his untrimmed chest hair.

hairy chest gold chain

This guy's got confidence, but it's expressing itself in all the wrong ways.

13. The guy who wears pleats.

pleated pants

Just, no.

*We realize, of course, that many men who make these fashion mistakes are certainly worth dating. We're mostly joking here. That still doesn't make those mistakes OK.

We've got some more sartorial pet peeves:

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