20 Celebs You'd Never Guess Are Insecure

10/09/2013 05:23 pm 17:23:53

Sucky nail beds, huge pores, weird hairlines. You name the feature (and not just from "Mean Girls"), we've felt insecure about it.

Shockingly, we aren't the only ones. Even the most sought-after celebs occasionally fight low self-esteem. Check out which stars have body gripes and complaints when it comes to their striking appearance. The truth may surprise you.

1. Ryan Reynolds rr

2. Robert Pattinson rp

3. Olivia Wilde ow

4. Miranda Kerr mk

5. Lady Gaga lg

6. Kim Kardashian kk

7. Katy Perry kp

8. Karlie Kloss kk

9. Rosario Dawson rd

10. Jon Hamm jh 11. Jessica Alba ja

12. Chloe Sevigny cs

13. Bradley Cooper bc

14. Lauren Conrad lc

15. Anna Kendrick ak

16. Alexander Skarsgard as

17. Kristen Stewart ks

18. Justin Timberlake jt

19. Sandra Bullock sb

20. Megan Fox mf

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