10/10/2013 03:49 pm ET

Unintentionally Funny '60s Home Safety Film Blames Bored Housewives For Everything (VIDEO)

Accidents happen -- and they certainly happened in homes in the '60s, when asbestos and lead paint were common building materials. But in this classic home safety video, the focus is on little "everyday" accidents. Like tripping over a cord or the timeless problem of hitting one's head on the kitchen cabinets. It's natural that one would want to educate the population about how to keep these entirely preventable mishaps from happening, right?

Right. So in response to that challenge, the Oklahoma State Department Of Health decided that these events had one thing in common: A bored housewife.

No joke. Everything from a husband's alcohol problem (really) to walking into a boiling soup pot was blamed on a housewife's inability to get her thoughts straight. Trip on a cord? That's because you should realize that you hate cleaning, so you should mix up your routine with other household duties. Husband prefers the company of a whiskey bottle to yours? It's because you don't have "much going on" in that pretty head of yours. This is all relayed, by the way, through a talking clock that, at some point, calls the woman featured in this video a "hussy."

In the clip from HuffPost Live, a pivotal scene is discussed. For the full-length 20-minute film, you can head immediately over to Archive.org.

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