10/10/2013 03:28 pm ET

Angelina Jolie And Louie Zamperini Pictured In First 'Unbroken' Photo


Angelina Jolie takes the lead with the upcoming release of "Unbroken." The Oscar-winning actress produces and directs the film, which focuses on the real-life experiences of Louie Zamperini. Zamperini, whose story was detailed in a 2012 book by the same name, survived a plane crash during WWII and was captured by Japanese forces. He will be played by Jack O’Connell ("Skins") in the film, which is set to begin filming in Australia. In anticipation of the production, a photo of Jolie with Zamperini was released, with Jolie quoted as saying, "It will be hard to make a film worthy of this great man."

Angelina Jolie

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