10/10/2013 06:41 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2013

Shocking Anti-Semitic Rant Captured On Wedding Video

As Claudia and Stan Gocman watched the unedited footage of their wedding, their stomachs began to turn. There they were, all dolled up and happy on the screen, but a steady barrage of hate filled their ears.

The Gocmans were shocked. The raw footage their videographer Anthony Aurelius had sent them was full of horribly offensive and anti-semitic remarks -- most of which seemed to have come from Aurelius himself.

“Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at," a man, believed to be Aurelius, says in the video. “But I can tell you, they’d be right f---ing cows. Very f---ing snooty, they’d be a pain in the arse."

As the Mirror notes, the man can also be heard saying he finds the bride unattractive. He also comments that Jews aren't very nice people.

"There’s not a lot of niceness about them is there? Very little warmth," he says.

One of the most shocking comments comes later in the video when, while filming the wedding guests dancing, the man comments: "There’s a real feeling of like, they’re better than everybody else."

"I don't think I blame Hitler," he later says.

The Gocmans, who live in north London, say they were absolutely horrified by the comments and say the hateful words have tarnished the happy memories of their special day.

"At first, I was really upset but then I was furious. I think he’s a disgusting little man. I can’t even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry," Claudia Gocman told the Jewish Chronicle.

The couple adds that wedding videographer -- who has reportedly also marketed himself as a "karate expert" and fitness guru -- had already rubbed them the wrong way because of his unprofessionalism. They allege that Aurelius took nine months to send them an edited video of their wedding and when he finally did, the quality was sub-par, prompting them to ask for the unedited footage.

According to the Evening Standard, Aurelius has since closed his wedding videography business and has written apologetic messages to the offended couple.

"I do not really know what to say," he wrote in a May letter, according to the Standard. " I see now my character is weak and need to look at myself. I am deeply sorry I offended you."

Watch portions of the unedited footage in the video below. (Warning: The video contains offensive language.)


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