10/10/2013 11:14 am ET | Updated Dec 10, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Rock The Bells Attendees With More Fake Artist Names

What happens when Jimmy Kimmel sends his crew to ask Rock The Bells attendees about totally made-up artists? The results just might surprise you.

If you're familiar with Kimmel's previous concert pranks, you know he's been able to capture some hilariously detailed opinions about non-existent bands on tape, purely for our amusement.

Watch above as unsuspecting attendees of the hip-hop music festival sound off on artists like "DJ Rosh Hashanah," "MC FroYo," "WD40" and (our personal favorite) "Walter White featuring Meth," as if they actually existed.

Check out the full segment from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" below:


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