Niall Ferguson On Paul Krugman: 'New York Times Has Lost Control Of Him' (VIDEO)

10/10/2013 02:26 pm ET | Updated Dec 10, 2013

Niall Ferguson hit out at Paul Krugman on Thursday, charging that "the New York Times has lost control of him."

There is no love lost between Ferguson and Krugman, who criticized the former for "deliberately misleading readers" in a story written for Newsweek last year. Ferguson had said in the article that President Obama's Affordable Care Act would add to the deficit — an allegation that Krugman said was wrong and "unethical."

Ferguson spoke out against Krugman on HuffPost Live Thursday. "That kind of nastiness characterizes [Krugman's] online conduct and when you have the kind of power and influence that he enjoys, you must not abuse that," he said, adding that Krugman has been "corrupted" by his power.

"From what I can see the New York Times has lost control of him," Ferguson continued. "What is going on when people like Matt O'Brien can start calling me or anyone else they want an imbecile, an idiot ... simply because I venture to disagree with the invincible Krugtron?"

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