10/10/2013 01:33 pm ET

'Strike Back' Train Job: An Epic Battle With Bad Guys (VIDEO)

"Strike Back" reliably supplies enjoyable action, dry banter, espionage-driven twists and crazy developments, but this week's episode hits another level. It's one of my all-time favorite episodes of the Cinemax series, and HuffPost TV has an exclusive clip from this excellent outing.

In Friday's episode, Stonebridge and Scott's search for bad guys with bioweapons takes them to a moving train -- among other places. And it's best to let the boys' version of diplomacy speak for itself via this clip.

As you can see from the video, "Strike Back" stars Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton did all their own stunts in the episode (and there's a bit of intel on how the sequence was shot in this behind-the-scenes video).

"It took us four days total to shoot the whole train and helicopter sequence — which is short by film industry standards. Similar sequences take feature films about four to six weeks to shoot," Winchester said in a press release from Cinemax. "First, we rehearsed the train and helicopter choreography. Since they had to run at the same speed, it was quite tricky. Next, we rehearsed when the train was stationary so we get a feel of where we could climb and where we could not. We also had to test our shoes in wet and dry conditions — it rained on one of the rehearsal days and the top of the train became an ice skating rink. Then we rehearsed with the train and helicopter going 25 kilometers per hour, then at 40 kilometers per hour, then at 60."

"In total, we prepped for one full day for the entire crazy thing," Winchester added. "My best piece of advice was, 'Don't fall off.'"

Good advice. Oh, and when they aren't on top of a train, Stonebridge and Scott visit an amusement park this week. You can probably imagine how that goes.

"Strike Back" airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Cinemax.

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