Middletons Likely Won't Spend Christmas With Prince George (And We Bet Carole's Not Pleased)

10/11/2013 05:05 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2013

Fall is here, which means winter's coming... and rumors are already beginning that the Middletons are breaking with royal tradition and spending Christmas with Queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham, typically a royals-only affair.

But as exciting as that sounds (can you imagine Pippa in her PJs on Christmas morning chilling with the queen?), a new report debunks those rumors. In an interview with Celebuzz, royal expert Victoria Arbiter said that the Middletons will probably not be invited to spend the actual holiday with the royal family.

"Sandringham barely has room for the whole family when everyone is in attendance so there are practical reasons to consider too," Arbiter said. "Also, bear in mind Camilla's own children aren't invited for actual Christmas so why would the Middletons be?" [Ed. note: No room at Sandringham? It's basically a castle.]

Arbiter added that then-pregnant Kate missed Christmas at Sandringham last year, choosing to spend the holiday at her parents' home in Bucklebury. On the other hand, the year before in 2011, she and William did their first Christmas as a married couple with the royal fam at Sandringham. Arbiter predicts that Will and Kate will continue the pattern of alternating, spending one Christmas at Sandringham and the next in Bucklebury.

"But it's certainly possible," notes Arbiter, "that the Middletons may be invited to Sandringham the week between Christmas and New Year."

Good thing, because we bet Carole Middleton would be mighty upset to spend the whole holiday season without her new grandson, Prince George. Following predictions that "Carole Middleton will rule the roost grandparent-wise," her involvement with Kate and Georgie has been significant. We can't imagine Carole letting the holiday go by without some quality Georgie time.

What a royal Christmas looks like:

Christmas 2011 at Sandringham

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