10/12/2013 11:16 am ET

13 States Where Love Is Dead

FACT: The United States is the least romantic country. Here are the 13 states where love is the deadest.

  • 1 Tennessee
    The Volunteer State starts crushing love early. Last year, the Senate approved a bill to ban hand-holding among schoolchildren.
  • 2 Massachusetts
    Wanna get hitched in Truro, Mass.? Then some of our feathered friends will have to die. A town ordinance states that any future groom must prove his manliness by shooting either three crows or six blackbirds, at least according to Reader's Digest.
  • 3 Montana
    In Montana, not only do you not have to show up for your wedding; your spouse doesn't either! That's because Montana allows "double proxy" marriages, where neither party has to actually attend the wedding as long as they sign the necessary paperwork beforehand, the New York Times reports.
  • 4 California
    If you're visiting the town of Bakersfield, Calif., know that if you're having sex with Satan, you have to use a condom, according to the Bakersfield Californian. OK, actually this one is pretty reasonable. Otherwise you could get one HELL of a rash.
  • 5 Wisconsin
    In Wisconsin, kissing on trains is illegal. Seriously, if you know this can't happen, why even go there?
  • 6 Wyoming
    Some like it cold, but hopefully not in Newcastle, Wy., where sex inside a meat freezer is prohibited, according to Marie Claire.
  • 7 Illinois
    Planning a wedding in Oblong, Illinois? Know that if you want to hunt or fish on your wedding day, you aren't allowed to "make love" while doing so, according to the Crawford County website. So much for that sexy camo lingerie.
  • 8 Arkansas
    Flirtation on the streets of Little Rock, Ark. could allegedly land rogue Romeos up to 30 days in jail, according to The Minney Law Firm.
  • 9 New York
    New Yorkers cannot divorce for irreconcilable differences unless both parties agree to it. You read that right.
  • 10 Arizona
    In Cottonwood, Ariz., you can't have sex in a vehicle with flat wheels. If the wheels are flat, what else are you supposed to do?!
  • 11 Colorado
    Do you love watching your girlfriend when she sleeps? DON'T KISS HER. At least not in Colorado, where it's against the law to plant your lips on a sleeping woman, according to Woman's Day.
  • 12 Delaware
    DId you get married as a prank? Who hasn't? Luckily, if you find yourself now legally attached to someone because of a prank or a dare in Delaware, that's a good enough reason to annul the marriage.
  • 13 Kentucky
    In Kentucky, you can't remarry the same person four times, even if you're REALLY sure you're going to make it work the fourth time around.

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