Superheroes, Villains Reveal Their Shocking Political Secrets At New York Comic Con (VIDEO)

10/14/2013 09:06 am ET | Updated Oct 14, 2013

The government shutdown didn't stop for New York Comic Con -- and neither did we.

Captain America, Princess Leia and too many iterations of Batman were trying to kick back and relax over the weekend, but the rest of this great nation was looking for answers. HuffPost Weird News infiltrated the convention and asked America's heroes -- and villains -- the tough questions.

What does Master Chief have against immigration? How much taxpayer money is Wonder Woman wasting on that invisible jet? Whose side is that stormtrooper on? Will Carmen Sandiego give us her number? Nothing is left on the table in the video above.

Video by Irina Dvalidze, animation by Aaron Larson

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