What do you do when you're three musically talented girls who are bored on a Monday night? Why, perform an a cappella cover of "Royals" by Lorde, of course!

That's, at least, what AmberTaylorMusic. Here's their inspiration for the video:

Curing some Monday night blues with a "different kind of buzz..." haha

Watch this different kind of rendition of the song you know and love above.

[via Reddit]

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  • Grab Your Face

    This is the beginning of every horror movie.

  • Outta Here

    "Don't leave me!"

  • Intrigued Girl

    The girl in front is just assessing the situation.

  • Feel The Fear

    Your high buns will not save you.

  • Just Don't Drop Your Drink

    Or better yet, give it to the "monster."

  • A Single Scream

    "Why did I come alone?"

  • "I Surrender"

    It sort of looks like they're on a roller coaster.

  • This One Girl

    She is killing it.

  • Which Way To Run?

    "Calm down, we've got to get out of this together."

  • Friends Forever

    Her tongue is blue... with fear.

  • Who's Scaring Who?

    It looks like the couple is just afraid of the third guy.

  • Perfect

    You've been training for this all your life, guy in the hat.

  • Dad Is Just Laughing

    We love that her defense mechanism is just to wrap her leg around her mom.

  • Use Your Child As A Shield

    This could be the first time he sees his dad cry.

  • WHY?

    Keep a caterpillar line-up and you'll be safe.

  • He'll Protect You

    This guy's got you.

  • Hold Your Hat

    Bros before ghosts.

  • Jump Back!

    The guy on the right looks like he's about to crack up.

  • Terrified Boyfriend

    Worst date ever.

  • Everyone's Face Is Priceless

    But the guy with his tongue out really takes the cake.

  • Chicken Dance

    Yes, you can actually be scared into doing the chicken dance!

  • Crazy Eyes

    Is he holding the hand of a ghost too?

  • Holding Hands

    Who's comforting whom?

  • This Poor Child

    He's got the fear in his eyes.

  • Creeping

    The wall is your friend.

  • Hear No Evil?

    See No and Speak No were late on the cue.

  • Terrified Dude

    And this is the guy we thought we could count on in an emergency.

  • Best Mom Face

    She doesn't even have to look to be scared.

  • "HUH?!"

    "I think you just punctured my liver."

  • The Children Are Our Future

    "No, I'll save you dad!'

  • Macaulay Culkin Face

    He JUST saw "Home Alone."

  • Camouflage Won't Protect You

    Good thing they didn't bring their guns.

  • Don't Get Too Close

    Is this what all the other people are seeing?

  • Grab Her Neck!

    Oh, the humanity!!!

  • Um, Whatever

    Hey, it doesn't work on everybody.

  • Hold Tight

    Hey, watch those hands!

  • Protect Yourself

    Tuck and roll! Tuck and roll!

  • Costumes Can't Save You

    Do something, Indy!

  • True Bromance

    Best Friends Forever.

  • Nobody Panic!

    This is what chaos looks like.

  • SMH

    "Dude, you're embarrassing me."

  • What Is This?

    The face of "WTF."

  • Hold On

    It's every man for himself!