10/14/2013 03:24 pm ET | Updated Oct 14, 2013

If The Plastics Had iPhones, This Is What They Would Look Like

If iPhones had existed in ancient times (2004), "Mean Girls" would have looked very different. From Google search histories to iMessages, here's a sample of what could have been.

Cady Heron's Google search history

cady google search

Cady Heron's iMessages

cady text

Cady Heron's Notes

plastic sabotage

Gretchen Wieners' Google search history

gretchen weiners google history

Gretchen Weiners' iMessages
gretchen text

Gretchen Weiners' notes

gretchen note

Karen Smith's Google search history

karen google history

Karen Smith's iMessage

karen text

Karen Smith's Notes

karen notes

Regina George's Google search history

regina george google

Regina George's iMessage

regina text

Regina George's Notes

regina notes


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