10/15/2013 04:15 pm ET

20 Things We Used To Do While Waiting For Someone Before We Had Smartphones (GIFs)

Legend has it that back in the day, when people waited, they learned the real meaning of the word patience. The reason? Smartphones weren't invented yet!

Here are 20 things we used to do -- pre-smartphone -- when we were stuck waiting in line, for a movie to start or for the food to come.


  • 1 Smile politely at other people in the same situation
  • 2 Read the newspaper you were carrying under your arm (no, seriously)
  • 3 Pay too much attention to other people’s conversations
  • 4 Watch the rain (or snow) attentively
  • 5 Read shampoo bottles, or anything else with words, in the bathroom
  • 6 Tap your fingers on the table just so
  • 7 Or move your leg like this
  • 8 Keep folding whatever paper is in your pocket until it won’t fold anymore… or try your hand at origami
  • 9 Pace back and forth
  • 10 Update your agenda or write… on paper
  • 11 Smile all the time to show everyone what a great time you’re having
  • 12 Make eye contact with people in the same situation
  • 13 Meet a stranger
  • 14 Look compulsively at your watch
  • 15 Look forward to seeing your friends to tell them what you’d been doing
    Vía Buzzfeed
  • 16 Live on the edge, never knowing when the other person was going to arrive (remember: there were NO cell phones to call to check in or receive a cancellation)
  • 17 Get sick of wondering where everyone else is
  • 18 Experience the meaning of the word patience
  • 19 Do nothing was always an option
    Vía Tumblr
  • 20 Decide to think for a while

But, of course, just try explaining this to kids these days…


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