This week, Sparky Sweets, PhD tackles Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey" and, as always, his interpretation is incomparable.

What can we learn from Odysseus' 20-year struggle to return to Ithaca? For one thing, people should stop blaming the gods for their troubles. For another, according to Sweets, "Even a Greek hero as bad as Odysseus ain't doin' sh*t without a woman."

Watch the episode above and check out the Thug Notes youtube page for many, many more.

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  • Welcome Back Fail

    Lesson number one: spelling.

  • Easy Fail

    Being a reporter is difficult, guys.

  • Bad Wording Fail

    We're just going to hope today never ends.

  • Senior Fail

    To be fair, this wasn't her first senior year.

  • Gift Card Fail

    All the bi-curious students will be thrilled about this one.

  • School Essentials Fail

    Someone's going to get laughed out of Anatomy 101.

  • Placement Fail

    What every girl needs.

  • SAT Fail

    Spelling isn't technically tested on the SAT.

  • Teacher Praise Fail

    At this school they might not.

  • High Standards Fail

    Apparently they aren't THAT committed.

  • Product Inclusion Fail

    Advil and condoms are necessary to survive long school days and longer school nights.

  • Sale Fail

    Are we sending mixed messages?

  • MILF Fail

    Either it's "film week" and some hooligans changed the sign, or someone severely messed up MLK Jr.'s initials.

  • Complete Fail

    Uhh... Yeah...

  • School Sign Fail

    It's new-ish.

  • Pun Fail

    They should have gone with their original idea, "Students need remotes."

  • Acronym Fail

    Let's leave the wordplay up to the professionals.

  • One Letter Fail

    You've really got to get to those kids early!

  • Accreditation Fail

    Where do we even start?

  • Headline Fail

    In the future we see a lot of boys wearing wigs to go here.

  • Teaching Moment Fail

    Hey, he's technically right!

  • School Name Fail

    Have some self-respect, Garinger.

  • Spelling Bee Fail

    Neither Maiesha nor Anamaria wrote this sign.

  • They're Vs. Their Fail

    The game can't solve all your problems.

  • Wine Fail

    "Amiright?"- Any unemployed person who just graduated from college.

  • Always Remember Fail

    To be fair, tomorrow is really hard to spell.

  • Spelling School Fail

    Perhaps they meant the Yiddish "Shul," but probably not.

  • Beer Fail

    More like fuel for detention (juvenile detention).

  • Too Young For This Fail

    "Elbows, Billy! Elbows!"

  • Sign Placement Fail

    Be sure to stock up on folders, binders and machetes before September.

  • Burrito Weapon Fail

    To be fair, it was a VERY spicy burrito.

  • School Supply Fail

    This kid should have no problem making friends

  • Spelling Fail

    Let's hope they're better at science than they are at English.

  • School Necessities Fail

    The 24 pack is for the elementary pong game you saw earlier.

  • Public School Fail

    Oh what a difference one letter makes...

  • Angle Fail

    NOW do you see why schools need more funding?

  • Abbreviation Fail

    This is why you don't make up your own abbreviations.

  • Lingerie Uniform Fail

    Wear these and you'll get an "A" for "Asked to go home and change."

  • Literacy Fail

    They're also teaching a course on irony.

  • Out Of C's Fail

    Sharp Elementary isn't so sharp after all.

  • Literally School Fail

    What they meant was, "Sh! Cool..."

  • Understanding The Dictionary Fail

    They ALMOST had it...

  • Drug Fail

    Worst sign placement ever!

  • "Accept" Vs. "Except" vs. Nonsense Fail

    We think you already lost the challenge.

  • Inappropriate Sign Fail

    Is that like a pervy haiku or something?