10/16/2013 04:13 pm ET

Al Sharpton Not Surprised By Justice Scalia's 'Only The Blacks' Remark

Al Sharpton was not surprised when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made a racially insensitive comment in regards to the 14th Amendment on Tuesday.

During an oral argument on an affirmative action case, Scalia said the amendment protects everyone, "not only the blacks."

We've held that the 14th Amendment protects all races. I mean that was the argument in the early years, that it protected only the blacks. But I thought we rejected that.

Sharpton said he was troubled by Scalia's lack of sensitivity within the nation's highest court.

"The blacks? Talking about 'the blacks.' Is this the kind of tone-deaf language we should be hearing at the nation's highest court in the year of 2013?"

The civil rights activist added that he wasn't surprised by Scalia's comments, considering his previous opinions on issues like voting rights.

Sharpton isn't the only one with some harsh words for the Supreme Court justice. Bill Maher skewered Scalia recently, calling him and Michelle Bachmann the "the exact same idiot."

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