Demi Lovato Continues Whirlwind Trip Through Latin America

10/16/2013 04:06 pm 16:06:07

By Michael Lopez


Just last week, we mentioned how Demi Lovato popped up in Mexico at a Glamour party. Now she’s made her way to Brazil, promoting her latest album to thousands of Sao Paulo fans.

Flossing her famous blue hair and a hardcore rocker ensemble, Demi drew huge cheers from the local residents. She also showed off her love of old school music, posing in a vintage Led Zeppelin tee.

Interestingly enough, Lovato has seemed to buddy up with several famous locals throughout her Latin American adventure. Just a few days back, she was photographed with ex-RBD’er Dulce Maria.

Dulce and Demi enjoyed a fun night out during her stint in Mexico. Perhaps if she makes it to Venezuela, she can give Chino y Nacho some Instagram love.

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