10/16/2013 08:05 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

These Adorable Dogs Have Old Man Faces

Tom Cohen

It's been a ruff life for these dogs -- and their faces show it. Meet 70 senior citizen mutts in "Dogs with Old Man Faces."

dogs with old man faces

Just like their human counterparts, the wise pups in this portrait book are hairy, grumpy, and probably a little smelly. They yearn for a simpler time and worry about the economy -- and have more than a few overgrown whiskers.

We're not sure if author Tom Cohen looks like his dogs, but research has shown dogs sometimes end up resembling their owners. Participants in a 2004 University of California-San Diego study were mostly able to match pictures of dogs to pictures of their owners. A similar study in Hungary found that dogs can learn to imitate their owners as well.

"Muttley is worried about the future of Medicare."

In the case of these crotchety old canines, that would be beyond adorable, but we think these aging pups are doggone cute as is.

Scroll down to see more dogs with old man faces.

saul dog
"Saul remembers a better time."

homer dog
"Homer was once Mao's tailor."

"Otis has 87 godpuppies."

pascal dog
"Pascal was the first male professor of Women's Studies."



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