10/17/2013 03:20 pm ET

Elmo And Jesse Williams From 'Grey's Anatomy' Teach A Lesson On 'Sesame Street'

Jesse Williams, Jackson Avery on "Grey's Anatomy," recently spent some quality time with "Sesame Street" star Elmo.

Williams joined Elmo in the "Word on the Street" segment where viewers at home are taught a new word, and the featured word in this installment was "furious."

The 'Grey's' star loved his time on the "Sesame Street" set and told Entertainment Weekly that: “Once the camera’s rolling, it's Elmo, and Elmo's riffing. He’s alive, we’re both ad-libbing and making it work.”

The current season of "Sesame Street" has Cookie Monster leading "a curriculum designed to promote self-regulation and executive function," hence why this week they are concentrating on being furious and how to handle your anger.

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