10/17/2013 08:50 am ET

Inside Vincent Kartheiser's 'Japanese-Industrial' Home, Which Pete Campbell Would Probably Hate (PHOTOS)

Like everyone else who loves midcentury design (and good drama), we're huge "Mad Men" fans. So we pretty much fell off our swivel chairs when we saw the gorgeous home of Vincent Kartheiser (a.k.a. the love-to-hate account manager Pete Campbell), in Dwell.

Normally, actors of his caliber would settle themselves in a large Hollywood home, but Kartheiser did the opposite. Kartheiser lives in a 580-square-foot cabin. The actor hired designer Funn Roberts to help create the “Japanese-industrial” look the house has.

Like many living in a small home, making sure there was enough room for everything was a priority. Take for example the closet, which can be hidden by custom shoji-inspired screens. And instead of a regular bed or even a murphy bed (that would take up too much wall space), the two decided to go with a suspended version. "What often happens in our relationship is I come to Funn with an idea and then he makes it into something that’s actually livable,” Kartheiser said. “Because I have these thoughts that seem really interesting, but they’re not really good for real life.”

That said, he does have an open shower area. Scroll through the photos below to see inside, and be sure to head over to Dwell for more information.

Vincent Kartheiser's Home

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