Colonel Sanders Memorabilia Gets Auctioned Off By KFC For Charity (PHOTOS)

10/18/2013 11:33 am ET
Heritage Auctions

Months after a white suit belonging to KFC founder Colonel Sanders sold at auction for a whopping $21,510, KFC is cashing in on the interest with a larger memorabilia auction. Proceeds will benefit Feeding America, a hunger relief organization, and the World Food Programme.

So what's on the auction block? Seventeen items that previously sat collecting dust in a secure underground storage facility in Louisville, Ken. They include some quirky items, like a Colonel Sanders portrait made of leather and a weathervane in his likeness, as well as the Colonel's invitation to the White House from President Jimmy Carter and a key to the city of St. Louis.

At time of publication, there were still serious deals to be had. That leather portrait? The highest bid was only $50. The weathervane, however, was already at $500.

Below, take a look at some of the most interesting items. Head over to Heritage Auctions for the full list.

  • Colonel Sanders Figural North-Rite Pen
    Heritage Auctions
  • It's a pen with Colonel Sanders's face on it! Heck yeah, that's awesome.
  • Key To The City Of St. Louis
    Heritage Auctions
  • In case you lost yours.
  • Medallion Presented To Colonel Sanders By President Nixon
    Heritage Auctions
  • Tricky Dick must have really liked fried chicken.
  • Congressional Record Of Colonel Sanders's Death
    Heritage Auctions
  • Sadsies.
  • White House Invitation From President Jimmy Carter
    Heritage Auction
  • Guess who was also invited? THE POPE. Seriously.
  • Colonel Sanders Weathervane
    Heritage Auctions
  • Instead of telling you which way the wind is blowing, it points you toward the nearest KFC. (Not really. But it should.)
  • Leather Portrait Of Colonel Sanders
    Heritage Auctions
  • The Colonel looks good in leather. That came out wrong.

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