Why Lindsay And Sam Weir Had The Best Sibling Relationship Of All Time

10/18/2013 05:02 pm ET

There are a lot of cute sets of TV siblings out there. But for the one season they were brother and sister on "Freaks And Geeks," Lindsay and Sam Weir had it down.

Sure, she wanted to be one of the cool kids. But when it came to standing up for Sam, Lindsay forgot all about the social ladder.
lindsay sam

When Lindsay decided to throw a party, Sam did the responsible thing and bought a keg of non-alcoholic beer.

They could talk openly about death.
linda cardellini

They were united in thinking their dad was a little off.

And their mom, for that matter.

Sam was all about protecting his sister from running with the wrong crowd.
sam weir

Lindsay always had encouraging (if sarcastic) words.

Sam spoke nothing but the truth when Lindsay took things too far.
sam weir

Lindsay looked out for Sam's friends.

And come on. Just look at them.
lindsay and sam

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