10/19/2013 08:59 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

'Selfie With My Teacher While She Having Contractions' Is What The World Has Come To, Sadly

The goofy grin of Florida teen Malik Whiter took the Internet by storm this week after he Tweeted a photo of himself captioned "Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions."

The photo, which is exactly what the caption describes, garnered more than 26,000 retweets since Whiter posted it on Tuesday. The Coral Springs junior, clad in sunglasses, smiles as his teacher -- identified by the Miami New Times as Susanna Halleck -- holds her head in contraction-induced distress while speaking on the phone. The hand of an unidentified individual reaches out to help her.

Halleck was on the phone with her mother, according to Local 10, telling her that she would be all right. The woman did go to the hospital, but has not yet given birth and is back at school for the time being.

According to a later tweet by White, he received a "B" in the teacher's class.

It's unclear whether Whiter put on his sunglasses for the photo or had been wearing them in the classroom the whole time.


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