Jack Vale has come up with a truly creepy prank just in time for Halloween. Asking passersby to take his photo, Vale hands his camera phone off to strangers who unknowingly watch a pre-recorded video featuring a zombie ghost girl.

Freak out level: master.

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  • Drive By Clown Photobomb

    The most challenging and creepiest kind.

  • Surprise!

    Being kissed by death and photobombed, this can't be a good omen.

  • Watch Out

    Seriously, I think he's going to attack.

  • Another Clown

    More nightmare fuel.

  • He Has The Spotlight

    And the creepiest expression.

  • Prom Photobomb

    He may not have a date, but with this photobomb it's a successful night.

  • Cheese!

    His mom told him that he could brighten the world with his smile.

  • Um...

    Get. Out. Of. There.

  • Girl's Night!

    But, we have no idea who that is.

  • Dance Party!

    These moves are really upsetting him.

  • The Happy Couple

    She should've been mine.

  • Through The Looking Glass

    You guys might want to look behind you.

  • Class Clown

    Look out, Kyle, there is a demon behind you.

  • Laughing With Friends

    Not so funny anymore, is it?

  • Angry Bartender

    Is going to eat them alive...but first he'll get their tips.

  • Best Friends!

    And their enemy.

  • The Beauty Of Nature

    Ruined by an evil forest creature.

  • A Blossoming Friendship

    That Tim is not happy about.

  • Cat Craze

    This girl is obsessed!

  • Going Stag

    You should've said yes, Tina. You should've said yes.

  • Roar!

    Look out. He's going to eat your face.

  • Satan Photobombs

    She's got the devil on her shoulder.

  • We're # 1

    He is not.

  • This Little Piggy Photobomb

    Don't worry, that's just Paris Hilton's date.

  • More Evil Clown

    He just wants to be included.

  • Bowling Over With Excitement

    A photobomb that will not end well.

  • Jump Shot

    Overly excited and completely terrifying.

  • Beauty And The Beast

    Dad should put on a shirt.

  • Caught Red Handed

    He's got the face of a killer.

  • Girl Troubles

    I was talking to her first, man.

  • Hair Envy

    Hey, you took my moustache!

  • Off To The Races

    Or so they thought.

  • Satan, is that you?

    It may be Halloween, but this photobomb is horrifying.

  • Halloween Night

    Green Man got a little too hopped up on sugar.

  • Date Night

    You're not alone.

  • Girl From The Ring Bomb

    Lot of TVs for her to crawl out of in this bar.

  • Middle School Valedictorian

    He wasn't supposed to beat me.

  • Posing With Palm Trees

    And some hidden locals.

  • Costume Party

    Got a little too crazy.

  • Mother, Daughter

    And the son that doesn't fit in.

  • Terror

    He doesn't like bangs.

  • Everyone's Drunk Anyway Bomb

    Can't really blame him.

  • The Lunch Crew!

    Shouldn't have made fun of Tommy for that tuna fish sandwich.

  • Peek-A-Boo!

    She's angry about being the third wheel.


    Go away forever!

  • Homecoming

    A smile that says, "Dance with me...please?!"