10/21/2013 10:26 am ET | Updated Dec 21, 2013

Shooting At Miami-Dade Cockfight Kills Two, Injures Two Others

Two bodies have been removed from a remote property near Miami where gunshots rang out Sunday night at a cockfight.

Miami-Dade Police said a crowd of people were watching the illegal cockfight when an altercation led to gunfire that struck four people. One of the men killed was in his 80s and the other, identified as Agustin Figueredo of Miami, was 67.

Wounded in the shooting were Rafael Garcia, 40, and Angel Rivera, 49, both of Miami.

Information was initially scarce Sunday night at the poorly-lit scene at 19651 Southwest 168th Street, an agricultural property on the edge of the Everglades.

"It was just one big shootout, just one big shootout," Figueredo's son Christian told NBC6.

Witnesses had apparently fled, and Miami-Dade Police spokesman Det. Alvaro Zabaleta said that the scene was difficult for investigators to process in the dark.

"As you can see it is a remote area, crime scene investigators have their job cut out for them in order to be able to process exactly everything that occurred, to photograph it and take a look because you have the difficulty of the light, you have the open area, you have access in and out," he said. "It's a lot of work for them... this early in the investigation."

A motive has yet to be determined or a shooter identified, and detectives are hoping that someone present at the time of the shooting will come forward.

This story has been updated with additional details from police and the identities of the victims.