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GPS Guide: Fulvia Morales's Tips For Tapping Into Your Inner Child


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By Fulvia Morales

When was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt? How about the last time you sang in the shower? Better yet, the last time you made up a song and then sang it in the shower?

Reconnecting with our inner child allows us to remember the things that once made us feel safe, fulfilled and happy. It is an opportunity to recover our hopes and dreams and to look at our life through a judgment-free lens. The trusting, fun-loving and perceptive little kid inside of us knows how perfect and awesome we are. The inner child is an untapped source of energy. So, hold him or her close to your heart, tell them how much you love them and let them out once in awhile -- you will be surprised when they teach you a thing or two about life. Below, find eight easy ways to reconnect and celebrate the little kid inside of you.

Fulvia Morales's Tips For Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

Fulvia Morales is a Mexican young leader and entrepreneur. Formerly working in the global financial services industry, she is now shaping her career in CSR and nonprofits. Committed to doing the (extra) work to change the world, she is co-founder of VoluntariosMX and a StartingBloc Fellow. She writes about life, career development, entrepreneurship and Mexican politics. She has been featured in diverse Mexican leading media groups.

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