One man has officially raised the bar for how much someone can hate iOS 7.

Mark Menacher from Poway, Calif. has filed a complaint against Apple CEO Tim Cook seeking the removal of the file on his Apple devices that prompts owners to download iOS 7 every time an iPhone or iPad is restarted, as CNET first reported. Menacher is seeking a way to get rid of the installer file, as well as $50.

"Apple's disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS7 is corporate thuggery," Menacher said in a statement.

Apple's iOS 7 is the most significant change to the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch since its launch in 2007, and it has already seen the fastest adoption rate of any version. Still, that doesn't mean Apple fans haven't found things to complain about.

Upon iOS 7's release, Apple device owners noticed that as much as 3 GB of memory were being used up when iOS 7 was downloaded. For Menacher and others, this leaves less space for apps or other content. Some others reported getting motion sickness while using the new software.

Apple and Tim Cook have not yet commented on the lawsuit. A trial date has been set by the court for January 2014.

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